FreeNAS 8 + Windows Media Center (Windows 7) + Xbox 360 Extender

Discussion in 'Sharing' started by naaronne, Jun 11, 2011.

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    naaronne, Jun 11, 2011

    I've searched high and low for some explantation or tutorial on how to tweak my setup, thus far I've been unsuccessful. I currently am running a FreeNAS 8 config with 4 2TB drives in a RAID-5 configuration. Running a Windows 7 machine with 8GB of memory and an i3 Proc. Which I use the Windows Media Center Extender to stream media to my Xbox 360.

    Since moving my videos/movies to the NAS and trying to stream them, I've noticed hugh delays along with skipping and pausing. I tried tweaking different aspects on both the Windows box and the FreeNAS box, but no success.

    If I move the media back to the Windows box, the problems go away. I have everything connected via CAT-5e and am in the process of upgrading my switches to Gigbit, so right now there is mix of 10/100MB and 1000MB. Although I don't think that should matter much, the fact that I have them wired and wireless should be enough.

    If anyone could provide some insight or suggestions on how to fix my issues I would be grateful. Otherwise I think I will be moving my media back locally to the Windows 7 box.

    Thanks in advance.
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