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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by erj@greco.com.br, Apr 30, 2012.

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    erj@greco.com.br, Apr 30, 2012

    Hello everyone.
    I live in São Paulo and just joinned this forum. I will download FreeNas and become a user very soon. Thats a great tool.
    Don't know if I can post it here, but let's go: I have a Mandriva Linux server. Its a old version and probably I will change it to Freenas.
    My doubt: can I use the Mandriva server HD without loosing data? Its about 1,2 Tb of data and I want to import everything to a brand new (and bigger) hd.
    My server will be a Dell with 1gb ram (dont remember the model, I am not at office now) with a 2tb main disk. Actually this server uses 2 smaller HDs and I need to import them in a single 2Tb HD.
    After I finish this task I will ask for more help for other subjects.
    Thanks for any help.
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    ProtoSD, Apr 30, 2012


    Hello & Welcome to the FreeNAS 8 Forums. If you haven't seen or found these yet, there are links in my signature below for FAQs, documentation, and videos. Those are also "sticky" posts at the top of the NOOB section of the forum. Please try to post your questions again in the NOOB section of the forum since most people don't look for answers in the Introduction section and others can benefit from answers to your questions as well.

    A useful tip for searching the forums that sometimes provides better results is to use google like the example below:

    keywords (and/or) username site:forums.freenas.org

    The "(and/or)" should not be included, it's just for clarification.

    The forums are full of answers, try to be thoughtful when making a Title for your posts that will make sense for others looking for answers also.


    -- Proto

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