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    joeschmuck, Jul 1, 2011

    If you are using FreeNAS 0.7, please be advised that this series has been End-of-Lifed, is no longer available for download from Sourceforge, and poses a security risk as it is not patched against the recent critical Samba and OpenSSL vulnerabilities.

    FreeNAS 0.7 was recently rebranded as NAS4Free and that is where current development of the 0.7 series is occurring.

    All FreeNAS 0.7 users are strongly encouraged to either upgrade to NAS4Free, or if your hardware supports it, to the most recent version of FreeNAS.

    If you are looking for the FreeNAS .7 Forums, you instead want the NAS4Free Forums.

    This is the FreeNAS 8 Forums and if you place postings here asking about version 0.7 then you are likely to be told to post in the correct forum or you might get some unintentional bad advice.

    Good hunting.
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