Install FreeNAS from USB to HDD.

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Kevin Maschke, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Kevin Maschke, Nov 16, 2011

    Hi, I would like to use FreeNAS on one of my barebone servers, but this one does not have a CD/DVD drive.

    I thought I should be able to install FreeNAS from the USB to the HDD. So the first try I made was installing FreeNAS on the USB stick thinkng I would later get the option to install it to the HDD. I was wrong.

    So I followed THIS GUIDE thinking that this would enable me the option to install FreeNAS to HDD booting first from USB. But I was wong again. :(

    Please, is there any way to install FreeNAS to HDD fro USB without CD/DVD (internal/external)?

    I can't also use the USB to run FreeNAS because I need all the USB ports :(

    Please, any help is really appreciated!
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